A win from Brazen Brando ALMOST has him back in the good books with our Jaylah, after leaving her with a decent bite bruise on her arm recently.

This fellow is certainly a quirky character and one could even say “full-on”.  We bought him online for the Carter and Tyler families and on arrival discovered he isn’t very friendly, and is a box walker among other things.  In typical style of Dan and his crew, he has settled down remarkably since, living in a nice semi-closed yard he now only weaves if something is out of the ordinary and is a little friendlier these days!

We are also encouraging him to settle in his races, which has seen him step out to 1200m.  A happier horse, claim from Hannah Edgley was the right recipe today!  This is why we have a small team and only the best team members.  Thanks guys, you are super stars!

Congratulations to his connections – we love winning with these colours!

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