Back in 2008 the Dan O’Sullivan trained, Lacey Underall, won the Adelaide Cup and here we are some 12 years later brining home her daughter, Blazing Lace, from her first win.

Today’s race at Pakenham was over 1600m which was ideal for her at this stage of her career and in time we expect to see her effective over even longer trips.

Blazing Lace is the seventh foal from Lacey Underall but the first that ticked all of Dan’s boxes at the sales, in particular resembling her mother in so many ways.  “When I saw her it was just like looking at Lacey Underall as a yearling, and I knew that as soon as Mel (Dan’s wife) saw her she wouldn’t let me leave Oaklands Junction without her!” Dan reported. “Luckily I had an order from the Carter/Tyler family racing group and they were just as excited as us!”.  “She’s a lot like her mum, but Lacey Underall was a true stayer and extremely gentle and kind, whereas this girl has a lot more sass to her personality and is showing us that she may be more versatile distance wise”.

Our dream is to get Blazing Lace to the Oaks for this wonderful ownership group.  

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