Our team ended up with 2 Wins for the beginning of 2019 with Blunakka winning at Burrumbeet today.

When told by his original owners that he was for sale, Dan had an instant light bulb moment and rang his mates on the Burrumbeet Race Club Commitee simply saying “I’ve got you a Burrumbeet Cup horse!”.

The commitee members, their family and friends were soon on board and the Burrumbeet Cup plan didn’t quite go as expected but he got the next best thing and that was a win sponsored by Rodney & Louise’s “McKinnon Seed Cleaning” who are part of the ownership group.  It was a first for Rodney and Louise to accept their own trophy!

The crowd went beserk and the mounting yard was full when Blu and jockey Jarrod Lorensini came back to scale.

Happy New Year to you all.

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