Jailhouse Rock is one of those horses who is just about to be given marching orders, then will run well enough to warrant one more try!

Our team joke that this aptly named 4 year old, was convicted of being a ‘con artist’.  His track work is always spot on and many a jockey have dismounted commenting he’s ready to win, but the horse himself likes to prove everybody wrong.

So yesterday at Wycheproof those who have stayed loyal, got their reward of his first win at his nineteenth start.  The team at Wycheproof put on a fabulous day and caller Rick McIntosh displayed Flemington-like enthusiasm in his calls.

Our apprentice, Lucy Doodt, rode for luck on the rails and thankfully things went their way.

So for now Jailhouse Rock will get one (or ten) more chances!

Congratulations to his big group of owners…..Dan can now show his face at Christmas Dinner to the many of his family members in the ownership.

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