We don’t believe there would be one person in Australia who begrudged the win of Pria Eclipse at Ladbrokes Park (Sandown) this evening.

After running 2nd on too many occasions in her career, hearts have been breaking everywhere – but not our little Pria’s. She is teeny tiny, but walks around like she’s 17 hands high and full of confidence, even when she returns home defeated by the narrowest of margins, she steps off the float with energy and pizazz!

Her regular jockey, and biggest fan, our Lucy was absolutely beaming on return to scale reporting “I don’t know any other horse who gives as much as she gives…I just love, love, love her”.

And Dan was that little bit more excited about this win telling the Racing.com team “She just deserves this, she tries her heart out. It’s frustrating for everyone to have finished 2nd on sixteen occasions. I’m wrapped for her owners and wrapped for Lucy who rides her so well and knows her so well”.

Congratulations to Darryl & Tracey Cockerell, Ian and Lisa Cockerell and Steve Wescombe on your city win with our little “Princess Pria”.  Here’s hoping it’s the start of 16 wins, instead of 16 seconds!

Pria’s win made it a double for the day so that will have everyone with an extra spring in their step.

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