We were still smiling from Frankie’s win, when little Near Queue charged home to make it a double for the day at Bendigo.

It was no secret that this quirky little mare had been the victim of some back luck in town recently, and with our Lucy having a good record on her, it was time to hand her back the reins.

“We thought we’d try some more experienced jockeys in town, but as it turns out, Lucy knows how to ride this mare better than anyone, which is get cover, straighten, then swing wide and storm home” a proud Dan reported. 

This filly is no easy task for our stable, she is extremely busy, doesn’t cope with change and gets very worked up at the smallest of things, especially prior to her race. You’ll notice she still bounces around afterwards!.  Thankfully her strapper, Tim, provides her with plenty of patience and forgiveness, which is big key to her success.

We are thrilled to provide her ownership group with another win, and hopefully we can notch one up in town next time!

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