What a lot of fun we're having with Tuscan Fire this preparation!

First the Woodend Cup, then Colac and now a mid-week city win at Sandown Hillside yesterday.   In between all this he has been running placings and has qualified for hurdle racing.

A daring decision from his now regular flat jockey, Linda Meech to take the lead early paid off resulting in another good, tough win.

The plan for a hurdle careeer is shaping up very nicely thanks to the hard work of our team, especially Damian Hanrahan who has been educating him over the jumps – a part of his Tuscan Fire's training regime which has obviously given him a new zest for racing.

Tuscan Fire will now head to Oakbank for the restricted hurdle over 2900m on Easter Saturday – with a fan club of many, it will be a day to remember if he pulls off the long term plan.

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