Yes, you've read that correctly!!  What an effort from Dan, the team and most of all, the horse himself.

Since focusing on a career in jumping, Tuscan Fire is obviously enjoying life as a racehorse, delivering his best every time he steps out.  This however, has made him a little too keen in his hurdle races where he has in the past given his jockey, Brad McLean a big task of keeping him settled.  With a dream of racing in the Australian Hurdle later in the month, Dan has been experimenting with some gear changes to help this. 

So yesterday, it was back to flat racing at Sportingbet Park, with his now "regular" flat jockey, Linda Meech on board.  And with all tactics going to plan, our fellow settled well early, got into the race when required and finished in front once again. "Linda has ridden him well previously, but rode him perfectly today, I couldn't be happier. This win is a really good bonus going into the Australian Hurdle" Dan said.

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