He’s no superstar, but Aurelius Hero is a horse we are very proud of and absolutely adore!

Purchased at the Vobis Gold Sale in 2013 for only $11,000 the old boy of the stables has now notched up his seventh career win and earned his connections nearly $250,000 in prize money.

It’s no secret that we have quite a few quirky horses around our stables, so it’s refreshing when you have a horse like Warrick.  He is kind, gentle and extremely relaxed – smart enough to save his extra energy for race day. He goes about his work without fuss and never puts an ear back.  On top of that we know that every time he races he will be doing his best!

“He’ll be seven this year so we try to keep him off hard tracks and mix up his routine to prevent him getting bored” Dan reported after his win at Geelong today, “the small field and Lucy’s claim is a big help too”.

Thank you to this wonderful group of owners who race this dream horse with us! 

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